Katherine "Renea" Dunn, 34, takes a moment to kiss her daughter Gabriele Dunn, 17. Dunn is a single mother of 3 and plans to keep it that way. "Never been married. Never will be," she says. Gabriele suffers from Schizencephaly, a rare developmental disorder of the brain, and has been confined to a chair her whole life. When talking about Gabriele’s care Dunn says "it ain't nothing - grown acustom to life."

With the help of her daughter Destiny, 13, Dunn maneuvers Gabriele out of the stall after finishing a bath. Two people are needed to bathe Gabriele because she can't hold herself up. Gabriele hates taking baths, so Dunn tries to keep the atmosphere light. “Cause when Gabi's not happy, nobody is happy up in here," Dunn says.

Dunn helps Gabi study for a quiz while her youngest song Semajh, 8, playfully gives away the correct answers. Dunn’s 3 children each have different fathers and she doesn’t receive much support from any of them.

After setting Gabriele down in her bed, Dunn spins around to surprise Destiny with a kiss. Dunn calls Destiny a “gift” because of the amount of help she gives taking care of Gabriele even at the age of 13.

Dunn talks on her phone while Gabriele looks on. Dunn is about to go out for the afternoon.

Dunn is single, but likes to accept invitations when men ask her out if she's not busy. "They demand a lot of my time," she said.

Aside from two other jobs, Dunn will cut hair on occasion for a little extra money. Times are tough but she says she doesn’t want to do hair everyday. Dunn recently applied to receive a Habitat for Humanity house but was not rejected due to low income.

Dunn tackles her daughter Destiny while Semajh plays with Gabriele's iPad. Gabriele looks over laughing. "I have no reason to be sad or hating on life," Dunn said.